Book review – Lacey’s House by Joanne Graham

This book tells the stories of two women – Rachel, who has recently lost a baby and is running from her feelings, and Lacey, an 84-year-old who has just been accused of murder. When Rachel moves in next door to Lacey, the two strike up an unusual friendship.
aceAbout a quarter of the way through this book I nearly gave up – it was very slow to begin with and it just didn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. But I am glad I persevered as the story did get going, and I actually ended up staying up until the early hours to finish it!

The book alternates between Rachel’s first-person narrative and Lacey’s third-person narrative, and in this way we find out about each character’s life. Both have suffered hardship – Rachel started life in a children’s home, while Lacey lived with an incredibly violent and overbearing father. When we find out what Lacey has been through, it is quite shocking and I found I learnt something about attitudes towards mental health problems in years gone by.

The book revolves almost entirely around these two women, and the relationship between them is very touching, and the way their stories are revealed works really well and is what makes the book interesting. The chapters are very short which also makes it quick and easy to read, and although the book isn’t exactly action-packed, it is very readable. However, I did notice quite a few issues with the punctuation throughout the book, which is something that really annoys me, and I did feel the book could have been better written in some parts. But overall I found this a really interesting and easy to read book, which dealt with a lot of issues and had an unexpected twist at the end too.

My rating: 7 out of 10


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