Top reads of 2015 – number 14

A clever and fascinating story of two women living 100 years apart…

Repercussions by Catherine Hall

Product DetailsJo has moved into her late great-aunt’s house in Brighton following a stint in Afghanistan as a war photographer, and she comes across an old diary, written by Elizabeth, her great-aunt’s mother – Jo’s great-grandmother. The book alternates between past and present as we find out more about both women’s stories.

The contrasts and similarities between the two stories worked brilliantly, and I found each of the two stories equally fascinating. The chapters were short and I was always disappointed when each one ended and the perspective changed – only to find myself immediately engrossed again in the other story. It was a real treat having two such brilliant stories in just one book.

I also read Catherine Hall’s book The Proof of Love recently, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one too.

Read my full review here…



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