This Week In Books – 21 December 2016

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This meme was set up by Lipsyy Lost and Found.

Here is what I am reading now, then and next!

51xncgcpol-_ac_us160_If you’ve seen my teaser from yesterday, you’ll know I’m reading The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin. I only started it last night but have whizzed through 100 pages – despite the a slightly quirky subject matter, it’s a really easy read and I’m enjoying it a lot. Here’s the blurb…

Noah is a little boy who knows things he shouldn’t and remembers things he should have forgotten. Because as well as being a four-year-old called Noah, he remembers being a nine-year-old called Tommy.

He remembers his house. His family. His mother. And now he wants to go home.

Two boys. Two mothers. One unforgettable story . . .


61d3vgv1w8l-_ac_us160_ home41xyspemgll-_ac_us160_I’m going to be taking part in my very first blog tour in the new year, for a book called The Dry by Jane Harper. Set in an Australian town in the grips of a never-ending drought, Aaron Falk returns to investigate the murder of a mother and her young son, and the apparent suicide of the boy’s father. But is everything as it seems? I finished the book yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it! Look out for the blog tour in January…

I also read Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. I found the book simultaneously brilliant yet frustrating, as the novel was structured like a series of short stories which made it hard to connect to the characters – yet the stories themselves were still incredibly well written. I’m yet to write a review as I don’t quite know how I feel about the book overall, but I will get round to it later this week.

I also read Hold Back The Stars by Katie Khan. I did like this one, but ultimately I don’t think it was really my kind of book and sadly I didn’t love it as much as I had hoped to.


51wloqqvinl-_sy346_51ba5ad9ul-_ac_us160_I have no idea how the Christmas break will affect my reading – in my head I imagine lots of long, lazy hours chilling out at home, eating Matchmakers and making a massive dent in my TBR pile. In reality, I’m going to be dealing with two hyperactive kids and having to visit various members of my family, which could leave no time at all for reading! But I will of course do my best to get a few books finished. 

One recent addition to the teetering pile of books are A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, which I have heard tons of good things about, and a less recent addition is The Homecoming of Samuel Lake by Jenny Wingfield, which is about a preacher who is forced to leave town and go to live with his in-laws, where things go from bad to worse. 

I would love to hear what you’re planning to read over the festive break!



  1. I always seem to be in the middle of books that aren’t so great and eagerly anticipating what’s next, and right now that’s the case. I picked up some kid’s/YA books for a friend of mine for a Hanukkah present, but of course I wanted to read them first. I’m on The Thief Lord, the fourth of the five I bought, and it’s not as much of a winner as I thought. Also reading a collection of essays called Jews in America, which is, again, not as exciting. Next up on my list are two fiction books, The Lost Garden, and Hater, both of which I’m excited for.

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  2. The Forgetting Time sounds interesting and AMan Called Ove is an amazing book! I loved it and I’m really hoping you’ll love it as much when you get around reading it. 🙂

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