This Week In Books – 26 October 2016

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This meme was set up by Lipsyy Lost and Found.

Here is what I am reading now, then and next!


sIf you’ve seen my teaser from yesterday, you’ll know that I’m currently reading The Sealed Letter by Emma Donoghue. I’m enjoying this in the main, but it isn’t quite as gripping as I had thought it would be. But I’m about halfway through now and I’m hoping things will pick up from here! Here’s the blurb:

Helen Codrington is unhappily married. Emily ‘Fido’ Faithfull hasn’t seen her once-dear friend for years. Suddenly, after bumping into Helen on the streets of Victorian London, Fido finds herself reluctantly helping Helen to have an affair with a young army officer.

The women’s friendship quickly unravels amid courtroom accusations of adultery, counter-accusations of cruelty and attempted rape, and the appearance of a mysterious ‘sealed letter’ that could destroy more than one life . . .

Based on a real-life scandal that gripped England in 1864, Emma Donoghue’s The Sealed Letter is a delicious tale of secrets, betrayal, and forbidden love.

My review of His Bloody Project by Graeme Burnet, which was on the Man Booker Shortlist, will be appearing here very soon! I thought it was a fantastic read that had me gripped from start to finish. I also tried to read another of the shortlisted books, Hot Milk by Deborah Levy, but I managed less than 100 pages before giving up.


I‘m about to go away for a few days and have packed Atlas of Unknowns by Tania James and Mr Fox by Helen Oyeyemi. I don;t know much about either book so I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised. 

What are you reading now, then and next?



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