This Week In Books – 12 October 2016

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This meme was set up by Lipsyy Lost and Found.

Here is what I am reading now, then and next!


51hcggjicbl-_sx331_bo1204203200_I have just started The Wangs vs The World by Jade Chang which I received via NetGalley. I have read quite mixed reviews of this but in the main I’m enjoying it so far – I do like reading about dysfunctional families and the Wangs are definitely one of those. The blurb:

THE WANGS VS. THE WORLD is an outrageously funny tale about a wealthy Chinese-American family that loses it all, then takes a healing, uproarious road trip across the United States (Entertainment Weekly). Their spectacular fall from riches to rags brings the Wangs together in a way money never could. It’s an epic family saga and an entirely fresh look at what it means to belong in America.


I think I’ve suffered from a touch of reader’s block recently – I didn’t read anything at all over the weekend, which is really unlike me. My excuse is that I seem to have tons going on at the moment, and am completely distracted. I’ve started quite a few books that I have ditched early on, and I thin this might be because my mind can’t really focus on anything properly right now! I did read another Netgalley proof though – Lily’s House by Cassandra Parkin. I have read glowing reviews of this – but I think I must have missed something as I didn’t really like it. Again, maybe my frame of mind isn’t quite right at the moment… I’ll get my review up later today.



An Abundance of Katherines by John Green is my latest addition from the library, and I’m looking forward to reading that.  I really need to get out of my reading rut – hopefully I will have more to report next week! 

What are you reading now, then and next?



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