Science books for mighty girls

I just stumbled across this list of books designed to encourage young girls to show an interest in science. My daughter is suddenly obsessed with doing odd experiments (which at the moment tend to involve plastic pots, washing up liquid, sugar and water…) so I may well check out a few of these.

Has anyone read any of these – or can you recommend any other books for budding young scientists – boys or girls?



  1. I can’t recommend the Horrible Science books highly enough. It was reading the Horrible Science book Deadly Diseases by Nick Arnold at a young age that first sparked my interest in medical research (which is my actual job now, somehow). Also, I haven’t read it yet, but Ada Lovelace: Computer Wizard of Victorian England looks very cool!

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  2. I’ve gotten other great book lists for my nieces from this website. I can’t speak to the books on this list, other than The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and I know people love Cinder.

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