Book review: Young God by Katherine Faw Morris

The book:

Young God by Katherine Faw Morris
Published by Granta in 2015
Pages: 208
My copy: Library

godThe blurb:

Nikki has been thirteen forever. She drives a stolen car up the Carolina hills to her father’s trailer with a backpack full of pills. She is determined to make her way into his life. Drug deals, pimp wars, ecstasy. Soon Nikki learns what’s required of her to survive – and to prevail – in this world.

My thoughts…

If you’re looking for a nice, light, fluffy read, this is most definitely not it! Raw, shocking and brutal from the very first page, this no-holds-barred novel follows a young girl desperate to make her own way in the world following the death of her mother. She finds herself living back with her father in his trailer – he is probably not the best role model given that he’s a drug-dealing pimp. But Nikki knows no better and so she gets embroiled in his seedy life.

There are no nice characters in this book, no sweet or touching scenes and no lights at the end of any tunnels. The novel is very short, with some chapters being barely more than a few words. This style adds to the fast pace of the novel, and reflects Nikki’s detachment from the world. 

It is hard to like a book that is so bleak and is filled with such horrible characters, but I did enjoy reading it in a strange way and found myself at once repulsed yet intrigued. You really do want to know what’s going to happen to Nikki – although you can be fairly sure it won’t be anything good. I think if this had been a longer novel it could well have become tedious, but keeping it short made it more shocking.

Definitely not one for the faint hearted! 

My rating: 7 out of 10


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