Book review: The Pool Boy’s Beatitude by DJ Swykert

The book:
The Pool Boy’s Beatitude by DJ Swykert
Published in 2013 by Rebel ePublishers
Pages: 217
My copy: Review copy

pool boyThe blurb:

In space, the expansion of the universe exceeds the speed of light. In a jail cell the speed of light slows, time ages and deteriorates slowly to a crawl.

Jack Joseph understands physics. He understands the nature of quarks, leptons, dark matter and the desire to find the God particle. What Jack doesn’t understand is Jack.

He has a Masters degree in particle physics, an ex-wife, a sugar mama, a passion for cooking and chronic dependencies he needs to feed. He cleans pools to maintain this chaotic lifestyle.

Spinning about in a Large Hadron Collider of his own making, the particle known as Jack is about to collide with a particle known as Sarah.

*** I received an electronic copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. ***

My thoughts…

Our narrator, Jack, isn’t the most likeable of characters. In fact, he’s a bit of an idiot and it is sometimes frustrating following him as he moves around in self-destruct mode. However, there is something about the way this novel is written that makes you kind of like him despite his many (many!) flaws, and I did find myself rooting for him despite myself. He is a real bundle of trouble, but meeting Sarah is the one thing that may just save him from himself.

The book really is all about Jack. We are transported inside his head which is why we become so tied up in his story. The way his character develops over the course of the book is very well portrayed, and the story does grab your attention and make you want to read on.

I was somewhat disappointed by some of the female characters in the book, who I didn’t always find convincing, but they are definitely bit-part players in the story of this messed-up poolboy.

Overall I enjoyed reading this book. The author has created a very honest portrayal of a flawed but strangely likeable character.


My rating: 7 out of 10


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