Books about life in contemporary London

Mr LovermanI found this list of Books About Life In Contemporary London to be really interesting. I’m happy to say I’ve read half of them (the wonderful Mr Loverman being my favourite – you can read my review here) and have added the others to my wishlist.

I’ve read such a lot of books set in London, where I live and have done most of my life, that I could probably add a number of novels to this list. Brick Lane by Monica Ali is one I am surprised didn’t make the list, and I’d probably throw in a bit of Nick Hornby too – but then I am an Arsenal fan…

Do you have any favourite books set in modern day London – or any other cities?



    1. I guess you would describe it as literary fiction. It’s set in Hackney, East London, and is about an Antiguan man in his 60s who has lived a lie for his whole life. He’s such a fantastic character – I really recommend it!

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