This Week In Books – 13.5.2015

ThisWeekInBooksThis meme was set up by Lipsyy Lost and Found.

Here is what I am reading now, then and next!


hen who dreamedI am about to start reading The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly by Sun-Mi Hwang. I am almost 100% sure this is the only book I have ever read that is narrated by a chicken…

Sun-Mi Hwang is from South Korea, and this is one of the country’s most popular novels. It was published in the UK last year to lots of critical acclaim, and is apparently an “anthem for individuality and motherhood”! It’s a very short book so I reckon I’ll finish it in a day or two.


Yesterday I finished Honour by Elif Shafak, which was the book I gave out for World Book Day. I really enjoyed this book – with a few reservations – and I’m really interested to find out what the people I gave this book out to thought of it. It is also the novel my book group is reading for May, and I’m expecting some mixed reactions…!

I’ll be posting my review here soon.


I need to crack on with one of the books from my TBR Pile Challenge, and I think this month’s choice will be Five Star Billionaire by Tash Awfive star billionair. It sounds pretty interesting, and I love the cover! Here is the blurb:

Welcome to Shanghai. A restless metropolis where old traditions collide with new ambitions – a place where anything can happen and anyone can become Somebody.

Golddigger, property magnate, pop star, entrepreneur and guru: five newcomers are lured by the promise of making fortunes and remaking identities. But they find their lives converging in unpredictable ways, as the Five Star Billionaire’s lessons for success wreak havoc. For in a land where dreams may come true, nothing is ever quite as it seems…

What are you reading now, then and next?



  1. I’m reading The Wrath and the Dawn right now. Before I was reading Simon vs. And next..I have no clue but it’s probably going to be an ARC because I have a couple I want to finish and review before summer vacation starts. 🙂

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