It’s National Libraries Day!

libraryIt is National Libraries Day in the UK today, and there are events taking place all over the country to encourage people to visit their local libraries.

I’m a big fan of libraries and I’m lucky enough to have libraries accessible to where I live and work. The only downside is that I get carried away with the luxury of all those free books so I always end up leaving with more than I can carry.

I know a lot of people that are avid readers but don’t use their local library and I just don’t get it!

Do you have a library near you, and do you use it?



  1. I’m actually not a huge fan of my local library which makes me sad. It’s very small and never seems to get new stock in, and the staff don’t seem very friendly. I really want to get a job there and sort it out! LOL.

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  2. I used to use libraries a lot but got out of the habit when travelling for work and always ending up with wildly overdue books. And now I have such a backlog of books to be read, either ones I own or review copies, that I just can’t see where I’d find time to fit any more in!

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  3. I LOVE my local libraries (I’m lucky enough to have 3 within reasonable driving distance!). Unfortunately, I also usually leave with more books than I can possibly read before they’re overdue. BTW, I want to visit the library in your picture–that’s incredible!

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