Book review: The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid-Banks

indiThis very sweet book by Lynne Reid Banks follows Omri, who is given a little plastic Indian by his friend Patrick for his birthday. He is unimpressed – until he puts into a little cupboard (a ‘gift’ from his older brother who found it in an alley behind the house), and when the cupboard is locked, the Indian comes to life.

It is when his friend Patrick finds out what is going on that things get difficult…

This is a very magical tale and Banks’s writing makes the story come to life. All the little details about the tiny plastic Indian make the story real and believable. I think it is ideal for children aged between 8-11, and although it is quite old fashioned it some ways it is very charming and the story is gripping in places. I’m glad I re-read this one, and I also fancy checking out the film, which I also think I’ve seen before!



  1. Totally an old favorite of mine as well and always a pleasure to go back to. Sometimes I think I enjoy children’s books more going back to them as an adult than I did when I I was little.

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