Eleven five-star reads: My top books of 2014 – number 11

I have read 11 books this year that I have given the full five stars to. And last but not least…

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

Leonard PeacockOur narrator Leonard Peacock is about to turn 18 – and plans to celebrate his birthday by killing first his former school friend and then himself. But first he has to give four special people a goodbye gift…

This is a touching and sad story which I read in just a day. Leonard has had a difficult childhood, and we get more and more details about why he struggles so much. Despite his problems he has formed close relationships with a few random people, whom he visits in the book. There are also letters from Leonard’s future in the book, which start to make sense as the book progresses, and also show us some of Leo’s hopes and dreams.

I found this book really moving and well written and I loved the protagonist.

Author: Matthew Quick
Title: Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock
Publication date: 2013
My Shelfari rating: Five stars *****

 Happy new year everyone!




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