Eleven five-star reads: My top books of 2014 – number 8

I have read 11 books this year that I have given the full five stars to. Coming in at number 8 is…

The Home Corner by Ruth Thomas

Home CornerLuisa is 19 and finds herself drifting after a series of incidents. Her plans to go to Uni, and her talent as an artist, fall by the wayside as she flounders, and finds herself working as a teaching assistant to a class of five year olds.

This is a subtle, charming and funny story, and I could relate to Luisa who found herself living a life she didn’t want, and didn’t understand how she had ended up there. The story is very sweet and easy to read – but it is definitely not for fans of action-packed novels!

Title: Home Corner
Author: Ruth Thomas
Publication date: 2013
My Shelfari rating: Five stars *****



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