Eleven five-star reads: My top books of 2014 – number 7

I have read 11 books this year that I have given the full five stars to. At number seven is…

Mr Lynch’s Holiday by Catherine O’Flynn

Mr Lynch's HolidayLife is going very wrong for Eamonn. He and his girlfriend Laura have moved to a new development in Spain. But the development has stalled, leaving the development a ghost town, and Laura has left him. He’s also doing a terrible job as an online English teacher – from which he soon gets the sack. And then one day, his dad Dermot turns up out of the blue…

I really loved this book, which was funny but also moving as father and son get to know each other better. I liked the way the two characters were portrayed and the ways they developed throughout the story, alongside other assorted characters that also lived in the development.

Title: Mr Lynch’s Holiday
Author: Catherine O’Flynn
Publication date: 2013
My Shelfari rating: Five stars *****


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