Book review – Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

I’d heard a lot about Rainbow Rowell and had several of her books on my wishlist, so when I spotted this in my local library I decided to buy it and check it out – and I’m also pleased to say it was the 100th book I read this year.

attThis book is set in 1999 and has two strands. One follows friends Beth and Jennifer and takes the form of their emails to each other as they work on a newspaper. Their emails are frank and funny, and we find out lots about them and their personalities through their emails.

The other strand follows Lincoln, in his late 20s and back living with his mother after his childhood sweetheart broke his heart. He works nights at the newspaper, checking the staff emails to make sure they aren’t breaking any rules. And guess whose emails he spends his nights reading … ?

This is a light and very easy to read novel. The banter between the girls is funny and endearing, but it was Lincoln I really took to. He comes across at first as one of life’s losers – but as the book progresses you find out more about him and why he is like he is. The relationship he has with his mother is quite sweet as she is quietly delighted to have him living at home, much to the disdain of his cynical sister Eve.

There are also some other minor characters that add to the overall story (my favourite being Doris), and there is a good will they/won’t they element to the story that makes you want to keep reading.

Overall I did enjoy this book. I found it sweet and funny, and the characters are likeable. Although this isn’t the kind of fiction I tend to read, as it is probably a bit too light for me, it is well written and enjoyable, and it is a bit edgier than your average chick lit – although the ending was a bit too nice and fluffy!

My rating: 7 out of 10



  1. I typically hate this genre–passionately. I’m not sure if it’s the slight geeky edge or the deep, slightly too-honest character development, but I’ve truly grown to love Rainbow Rowell’s books. I think Attachments has probably been my favorite of hers to read so far.


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