World Book Night – books announced…

The books for this year’s World Book Night have been announced. It’s a really mixed list – and I think I’ve read a grand total of three of them! I’ve signed up to be a volunteer, the idea being that you will receive a stack of books to give out to people you know – preferably ones that may need some encouragement to read.

I’d love to hear what you think of World Book Night and the books that are being offered this year. Have you read any of them?



    1. Hi – well I have read When God Was A Rabbit …. and I wasn’t mad on it. I also read Harold Fry. I wasn’t mad on that one either! I did enjoy My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece though. It is a YA novel but it is one of those books that can be read by Old Adults too!
      Sorry I can’t recommend more! I have put Honour at the top of my wishlist for World Book Night volunteers so let’s hope I like that one better – if I am lucky enough to be chosen!

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      1. Thanks, as you can probably guess from my site, I tend to read the sorts of books they set on English Literature courses. Occasionally, I’ll review non-fiction too, or books that friends give me.

        I once read a World Book Club edition of The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John Le Carre (very good book). Good luck with becoming a volunteer.


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